Support Services

Our support services recognise the importance of first impressions and making your employees and visitors feel welcome. Maintaining a pleasing aesthetic in internal and external spaces reinforces your culture and how you are perceived to the outside world. Our services include grounds maintenance, reception and concierge cover, security, pest control, and minor fabric maintenance – whatever it takes to ensure your site looks its best.

We appreciate that grounds maintenance can be disruptive so we strive to keep inconvenience to an absolute minimum wherever possible. We take all necessary safety precautions when working with machinery, and our team always show respect for the environment in which they are operating. We can incorporate elements of nature into your workspace by planting a garden with native plants, adding birdhouses or bird baths, and providing food sources for local wildlife. We care about the environment and its inhabitants and are determined to help create a better world for all by embracing biodiversity.

Our services are available on an ongoing basis or as one-off packages, and we are always happy to discuss your exact needs. Whether you need help with large grounds or small urban gardens you can trust us to help keep your sites safe and secure 365 days a year.