Furniture recycling

Once your office refurbishment or relocation has been completed, you may find yourself in the presence of redundant furniture.

No longer fit for purpose and unable to be upcycled, the items will require recycling with zero adverse effect on the environment as possible.

Johnsons’ recycling works are carried out with sustainability at the forefront of our procedures. Approximately 200,000 tonnes of waste is sent to landfill each year and we’re proud to say none of it is ours.

The process

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscientious organisation, accredited to BSEN ISO 14001:2015, with a fully audited environmental management system in place. As part of your relocation process, we can recycle, donate or sell all of your unused and unwanted items in ways which will benefit the environment and your local community. In addition, we are licensed waste carriers with a commitment to environmental protection.

Furniture and
equipment recycling

By breaking down each item into its component parts, we are able to effciently recycle all furniture items.


If there are any furniture items that are too good to be recycled, they can be donated to local schools and charities, in line with our CSR policies.


Working with our furniture partners, we will arrange for the resale of your items and give you the option of the money made to offset other recycling costs, donate to a charity of your choice or regain the capital.


We can offer a furniture remanufacturing service which provides your current set-up with a fresh look.


All equipment is recycled using Best Available Treatment Recovery and Reycling Techniques and with regard to Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

2018 in numbers

Total amount cleared:
1481 tonnes
Total amount upcycled/donated/resold:
111 tonnes
Total amount recycled:
1370 tonnes
CO2 saved:
1758 tonnes

Future growth


To protect and invest in future generations businesses need to contribute to long term sustainability by building and integrating a business model that increases resource efficiency. This is important for:

Reducing the quantity of waste
Reducing CO2 emissions
Reducing adverse effects of waste
Reducing the content of harmful substances in materials and products
Meeting environmental expectations
Meeting waste regulations 

It is underestimated how easily achievable attaining zero landfill can be; furniture can be resold to other businesses, donated to local charities or upcycled for reuse. As a priority for our business and something we assert the importance of within our supply chain, we strive to encourage zero landfill prevention on a wider scale. We do this by highlighting the business benefit it creates in the reduction of waste disposal costs, it helps to shape company policies for recycling and sustainability and increases CSR credentials.

Past projects

We’ve used Johnsons on a number of previous schemes – it’s always a good service.

Wynne Construction

We chose Johnsons because they are a BAR Member – Good communication, helpful and sufficient information for planning and organising.

Nottingham Fire and Rescue

Good service and value for money.

Lloyds, Apleona

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